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🍲 What's Cookin' Doc?

We will build a Warp contract that will try its best to forecast BTC price 🔮.


"1950s robot, cooking blocks in pot, retro futurism old poster with WARP title"

It will use a simple neural network trained with data posted in the interactions with the contract.
We will show how to use some advanced features of the Warp Contracts (like constructors, custom extensions and contract manifests).
We will show how to load the price data from the RedStone Oracles and verify it in the contract.
We will also show how to periodically feed the contract with a new data.

👨🏼‍🎓 Prerequisites

It's good to have a basic knowledge of how the Warp Contracts work, understand what Arweave is and a basic Javascript/Node.js knowledge. You can find a lot of useful information here in Warp Academy.
Some basic understanding of neural networks might be also useful - if you need a quick introduction, this video series has a great visualisations of what the neural network is doing ("not as a buzzword but as a piece of math").
If you don't have much experience with neural networks, I suggest watching at least first 3 videos.

🏁 Final code

  1. Smart contract code is here.
  2. The Cloud Function is here.
  3. A testing script is here.