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Implementation tutorial for Ardit contract on SmartWeave

This tutorial shows how to implement a simple contract which can be a base for a social application.

💡 The smart contract idea

The idea of this tutorial is to build a smart contract which can be then used in decentralized social application. The contract will be as simple as possible providing us with an option to post a message, upvote or downvote a message and read a message based on its id.

🚀 Deployed version

We've already deployed the contract source on the Arweave blockchain. Its transaction id is 104Baqn4dDwL7ojuZtbMy5qitBa-WY1_sOai79TJ_Ig. You can check its source code in our SonAR..

The final implementation is available in the github repo.

🙋‍♂️ Need help?

Please feel free to contact us on Discord if you have any questions.

🧰 Prerequisites

  • Prepared Node.js environment
  • yarn installed
  • Elementary Javascript coding skills
  • Basic understanding of SmartWeave and Warp contracts

💪 What will you learn

  • Basic concepts of Smartweave
  • Warp SDK core methods
  • Implementing, testing and deploying a simple contract