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🔮 Chapter I - The Oracle

The first problem that we need to solve is how to get a high quality and reliable data (i.e. the BTC prices). Fortunately, RedStone Oracles got us covered here 🫡.


"a futuristic oracle serving data, hexagonal symbol, simple colors, red tint, retro futurism old poster"

Let's add redstone-sdk library:

npm install --save redstone-sdk

In order to get a signed data package with current BTC price, we will use the requestDataPackages function from the redstone-sdk:

async function getPricePackage() {
const reqParams = {
dataFeeds: ["BTC"],
dataServiceId: "redstone-avalanche-prod",
uniqueSignersCount: 1,
const dataPackagesResponse = await requestDataPackages(reqParams);

return dataPackagesResponse["BTC"][0];

We're using the redstone-avalanche-prod data-service.

After obtaining the price package - it can be easily passed into transaction with a contract:

// create a Warp instance
const warp = WarpFactory.forMainnet();

// create contract instance and connect wallet
const contract = warp

// obtain price package from RedStone Oracles
const pricePackage = await getPricePackage();

// send interaction with a contract to Warp Sequencer
await contract.writeInteraction({
function: 'train',
pricePackage: pricePackage.toJSON(),

With the price data sent in the interaction transaction - we can now try to unpack it and verify inside the contract.