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It is possible to provide an isolated execution environment in the JavaScript implementation thanks to VM2 - a sandbox that can run untrusted code with whitelisted Node's built-in modules. It works only in a NodeJS environment and enhances security at a (slight) cost of performance, so it should be used it for contracts one cannot trust.


  • using npm
npm install warp-contracts-plugin-vm2
  • using yarn
yarn add warp-contracts-plugin-vm2


In order to execute the contract in a sandboxed environment provided by VM2, attach the plugin when creating Warp instance.

import { WarpFactory } from 'warp-contracts';
import { VM2Plugin } from 'warp-contracts-plugin-vm2';

const warp = WarpFactory.forMainnet().use(new VM2Plugin());

Using the plugin requires at least warp-contracts version 1.4.1. For older versions of the SDK, in order to isolate the environment within VM2 please set evaluationOptions while connecting the contract to Warp:

contract = warp.contract(contractTxId).setEvaluationOptions({
useVM2: true,