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Warp Contracts Plugin - Blacklist

Following plugin allows to skip evaluation process for specific contract based on its id. A SkipUnsafeError will be thrown when trying to execute the contract. A callback function returning boolean statement whether contract should be blacklisted needs to be passed to the plugin's constructor.

Installation and Usage

npm install warp-contracts-plugin-blacklist


yarn add warp-contracts-plugin-blacklist
import { WarpFactory } from 'warp-contracts';
import { ContractBlacklistPlugin } from 'warp-contracts-plugin-blacklist';

const warp = WarpFactory.forMainnet().use(new ContractBlacklistPlugin((input: string) => Promise<boolean>));


Plugin exposes also a function dedicated to D.R.E. nodes which allows to get blacklisting function which can be then passed to the plugin's constructor.

import { ContractBlacklistPlugin, getDreBlacklistFunction } from 'warp-contracts-plugin-blacklist';

new ContractBlacklistPlugin(async (input) => {
const blacklistFunction = await getDreBlacklistFunction(getFailures, connect(), config.workersConfig.maxFailures);
return await blacklistFunction(input);