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Evaluation options

Evaluation options is a set of options that allow to configure how the Warp Contracts SDK will behave during contract evaluation. The evaluation options are set via the setEvalutionOptions method on the Contract instance, example:

unsafeClient: "allow"

The full set of currently available evaluation options is available here.

sourceType evaluation option

A special evaluation option - sourceType allows to control what kind of the interactions the SDK will load to evaluate the contract state.
The possible values are:

  • SourceType.ARWEAVE - only direct, Arweave transactions will be loaded
  • SourceType.WARP_SEQUENCER - only Warp Sequencer registered transactions will be loaded
  • SourceType.BOTH - both Warp Sequencer and direct Arweave transactions will be loaded

You can specify this option in a contract manifest to make sure that all clients will use the transactions of the same source, e.g.:

const {contractTxId, srcTxId} = await warp.deploy({
initState: initialState,
src: jsContractSrc,
evaluationManifest: {
evaluationOptions: {
sourceType: SourceType.ARWEAVE

State auto sync

In order to synchronise current contract state with a D.R.E node there are dedicated evaluation options:

  • remoteStateSyncEnabled - Allows to load contract state from remote source and store it in cache, skipping the whole evaluation process.
  • remoteStateSyncSource - Remote source, by default it is If the remote source does not have the latest state, another state read with remote sync disabled should fetch all the missing interactions.
remoteStateSyncEnabled: true