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Warp Contracts Evaluation Progress Plugin

This plugin allows to listen for contract evaluation progress events.
Compatible only with node.js env.
Requires Warp Contracts SDK ver. min. 1.2.27.


yarn add warp-contracts-plugin-evaluation-progress

const eventEmitter = new EventEmitter();
eventEmitter.on('progress-notification', (message) => {
console.log('From listener', message);

// will notify every 500 evaluated interactions
module.exports = WarpFactory.forMainnet().use(new EvaluationProgressPlugin(eventEmitter, 500));

The message format is:

"contractTxId": "Daj-MNSnH55TDfxqC7v4eq0lKzVIwh98srUaWqyuZtY",
"message": "[Daj-MNSnH55TDfxqC7v4eq0lKzVIwh98srUaWqyuZtY]: 7500/9835 [0ms]"