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Fetch Options Plugin

It is possible to customize fetch options using dedicated plugin. In order to change fetch options one needs to create an implementation of WarpPlugin interface. process method will receive following properties:

interface FetchRequest {
input: RequestInfo | URL;
init: Partial<RequestInit>;

...and it should return some fetch options which user wants to attach to the request. An example of such implementation:

class FetchOptionsPlugin implements WarpPlugin<FetchRequest, RequestInit> {
process(request: FetchRequest): Partial<RequestInit> {
const url = request.input;

let fetchOptions: Partial<RequestInit> = {};

if (url == ``) {
fetchOptions = {
keepalive: true,

return fetchOptions;

type(): WarpPluginType {
return 'fetch-options';

In order to use this plugin, it needs to be attached while creating Warp instance, e.g.:

const warp = WarpFactory.forMainnet().use(new FetchOptionsPlugin());