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Contract Deployment

In order to read contracts' state or write new interactions - you must first deploy it to the Arweave network. This obviously requires a prepared contract code - if you want to write your first contract - head to the ArDit tutorial.


Since warp-contracts@1.2.54 deployment functionality has been moved to a dedicated plugin - warp-contracts-plugin-deploy. In order to use it and deploy your contract you must first install the plugin:

yarn add warp-contracts-plugin-deploy

npm install warp-contracts-plugin-deploy

...and then attach it to the Warp instance:

import { DeployPlugin } from 'warp-contracts-plugin-deploy';
import { WarpFactory } from 'warp-contracts';

const warp = WarpFactory.forMainnet().use(new DeployPlugin());


In order to deploy a contract a proper wallet should be attached and wrapped in one of the Signer implementations. Further informations regarding server and browser usage can be found in the DeployPlugin Signer section.

Deployment methods

Further informations about deployment - including all possible deployment methods can be found in the DeployPlugin docs.

Bundled contract format

You can learn more about how your contract is being posted to Arweave in Bundled contract format section.