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Getting started

We use make for building. To generate binaries simply clone the repository and run make in the root directory. Some basic commands:

# Build and lint

# Build with race condition detection
make build-race

# Run linter
make lint

# Run tests
make test

Local development

Setting up a local dev environment for the first time:

# Start all needed services
docker-compose up -d

# Dump the database (only schema is needed) and save it locally
pg_dump -h ... -U ... ... | gzip > gateway_dump.gz
gunzip gateway_dump.gz
psql -U postgres -h -p 7654 -d warp < gateway_dump

# Build and launch syncer (other commands are available in the Makefile)
make run


Every release is built and pushed to dockerhub, e.g. warpredstone/syncer:0.2.0. The latest release is tagged as warpredstone/syncer:latest.


It's recommended to run Warp-Syncer services using Docker.

Warp-Syncer is developed, tested and run on Linux. However, it should be possible to operate it on Windows and MacOS as well.