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Interactions endpoint

Note: old interactions endpoint - /interactions and /interactions-sort-key are now considered deprecated. Please use /v2/interactions-sort-key. /interactions-sonar is an equivalent of the discussed interactions endpoint used in SonAR explorer app, however, total number of interactions is calculated differently due to performance cause.

Method: GET


  • returns a list of a given contract interactions, ordered by [sort_key].


  1. contractId - tx id of the contract to load the interactions for
  2. page [optional] - page, e.g.: gateway/interactions?page=3. If not set, first page is returned by default.
  3. limit [optional] - amount of interactions per single page
  4. confirmatinStatus [optional], e.g.: gateway/interactions?confirmationStatus=corrupted. If not set, loads all the contract interactions.
    1. confimed - loads only the confirmed contract interactions
    2. corrupted - loads only the corrupted contract interactions
    3. not_corrupted - loads both confirmed and not processed interactions
  5. totalCount [optional], e.g.: gateway/interactions?totalCount=true. If set to true endpoint returns interactions' count for each of confirmation statuses (confirmed | corrupted | forked | not_processed)
  6. source [optional] - loads contract interactions based on their origin. If not set, interactions from all sources will be loaded
    1. arweave
    2. redstone-sequencer
  7. from [optional] - sort key from which interactions should be loaded
  8. to [optional] - sort key to which interactions should be loaded
  9. isFromSdk [optional] - means that we're making a call from the SDK, this affects:
    1. the amount of returned data (we're trying to minimize amount of data in this case)
    2. sorting order (SDK requires ASC order, SonAR requires DESC order)


  1. - loads all contract interactions
    • loads all contract interactions, shows 2nd. page
    • loads only confirmed contract interactions, shows 2nd. page
    • loads only confirmed contract interaction from block height 820000 to block height 831901