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Usage: warp [options] [command]

-wlt, --wallet <string> Path to the wallet keyfile (e.g.: ./secrets/wallet.json)
-env --environment <string> Envrionment in which action needs to be executed: local | testnet | mainnet (default:
-lvl --level <string> Logging level: silly | trace | debug | info | warn | error | fatal | none (default: "none")
-c --cacheLocation <string> Realtive path for the Level database location (default: "/cache/warp")
-sil --silent Run CLI in silent mode (no logo, only error messages displayed, logged result not formatted
-v, --version Display current version of Warp SDK
-h, --help display help for command

generate Generate project template
deploy Deploy contract
read [options] <contractId> Read contract state based on contract id
write [options] <contractId> <interaction> Write interaction to the contract based on specified contract id
view <contractId> <input> View state of the contract based on specified contract id and provided input
clear Clears cache
help [command] display help for command